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Platform Truck Production Process

Jinghao tools is a supplier of hand trucks to more than 2000 customers worldwide, with steel platform trucks being a hot seller.

Usually, the factory will customize a steel belt with a width corresponding to the product. This steel belt is usually a cylindrical shape from the factory and is wound around the steel belt.

The first step of production is to send the steel belt to the punching machine, and under the action of gravity, the steel belt will press the flat plate of the platform trucks that is shaped like a mold. Each platform truck is formed by combining two stamped steel plates.

The stamped out plates are then sent for assembly, with each two pieces merging into one flatbed for a platform truck.

The assembled plate will be painted in the customer’s desired color.

After waiting for the paint to dry, the plate will be fitted with an anti-bumping edge strip and a non-slip surface mat.

The next step in the production of a flatbed truck is the installation of the handles, which are pre-produced on another production line and await assembly.

Hand truck manufacturing process

Jinghao Tools is a professional hand truck manufacturers of heavy duty hand trucks, aluminum folding hand trucks, steel folding hand trucks, multi-functional hand trucks, stair climbing hand trucks, hand cart for groceries, platform trucks, Dolly.

Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Moving Dolly Hand Truck Warehouse Appliance Cart

We have been a major manufacturer of hand cart for stairs in China.

All the accessories are categorized by material into plastic, metal, wood.
Plastic accessories: wheels, handles, connecting poles and so on. The raw materials of plastic are prepared according to the recipe and produced by injection moulding machines loaded with matching moulds.

Metal fittings can be divided into steel and aluminum.
The process of aluminum fittings is: through the cutting and perforation of aluminum raw materials after finishing the metal surface treatment, the main process is oxidation treatment. The aluminum scraper plate is formed by pressing the aluminum ingot directly through the punch press.
Steel fittings are processed by cutting, perforating, bending and welding the steel raw material, followed by metal surface treatment, mainly by phosphating, painting or electrophoresis and electroplating.
Wooden components are processed by cutting and sanding PLY or MDF boards.
Wood Home Mover Platforms
After all the parts are produced, the finished products are assembled and packed for delivery after quality inspection.
platfrom truck

Is a hand truck the same as a dolly?

A hand truck is different from a DOLLY in the following main ways.

platfrom truck

1、hand truck has handles, whether it is a folding hand truck, platform hand truck, steel hand truck, aluminum hand truck, plastic hand truck, multi-purpose hand truck, warehouse trolley, no doubt, they all have handles that can be used to push or pull. Dolly does not have a handle for pushing or pulling, Dolly has to be built to push the top to place items to move.

Spider Mover's Dolly Plastic Moving Dolly

The structure of hand truck is more complicated than DOLLY, DOLLY is mostly a square or round board with four universal wheels installed below, while the results of the cart is more complex, they generally consist of a frame, handle, wheel frame, wheels, and the platform for placing items.


Stair Climbing Folding Hand Trolley

Stair Climbing Folding Hand Trolley

3、Hand trucks generally do not all use the use of universal wheels, and DOLLY will generally all use the universal wheels.

Wood Home Mover Platforms

Wood Home Mover Platforms

4,Hand trucks use a wider range, it can be used in homes, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, streets, campsites and other places, while DOLLY is only suitable for indoor flat ground.

Stair Climbing Hand Truck Trolley Folding Shopping Cart

Stair Climbing Hand Truck Trolley Folding Shopping Cart

What is the Difference Between Folding hand truck, a Hand Truck and a Dolly?

Hand trucks, dollies, and related equipment save time and labor so you don’t spend hours carrying individual boxes and oversized items from one location to another. 
Knowing the Dolly, Hand Truck, and a Folding Hand Truck can help you make an informed decision about which type of warehouse equipment will work best for your particular needs. we know that having the right equipment for the job cannot only keep employees safe but also increase overall efficiencies. 
In this article we will be explaining the differences between dollies, hand trucks and folding hand trucks, and the positives and negatives aspects of each. By the end of the article you should have a good idea of which option will best suit your business.

Hand Truck

Folding Hand Trolley
Hand truck goes by a number of other names: a two-wheeler, a trolley, a stack truck, a trundler, a box cart, a trolley truck, a sack barrow or a sack truck.
While hand trucks are often miscalled dollies, they are actually quite different, as they feature two large wheels and stand upright. Since hand trucks also feature an L-shaped design, they can easily slide underneath the item that needs to be moved without having to lift the item by hand. 
To use a hand truck, you slide the bottom platform underneath the item you are moving. Then, you tilt the truck toward you so that it balances on its two wheels, which are located at the back.
Sometimes hand trucks come with extra wheels that kick out to make it a four-wheel carrier. They can also come with attachments for climbing stairs or to lay the hand truck down horizontally.


Spider Mover's Dolly Plastic Moving Dolly
A dolly is a platform with four wheels and two axles that can be used to transport heavy items from one location to the next. Dollies are available in a selection of different designs and sizes, making it easy to select the right type of dolly for your specific needs. Unlike hand trucks, which can slide under the item on the ground, items have to be lifted onto the dolly in order to transport them.
Since dollies are available in a selection of different sizes, they are the ideal option for easily transporting larger items. All dollies also feature a four-wheel design that provides a higher level of balance and maneuverability than hand trucks. With you use of a dolly, you will never have to worry about items falling off and becoming damaged.

Folding Hand Truck

Folding Hand Trolley
A folding hand truck is a relatively recent’s the same as any normal hand truck, but is designed in such a way that both the bottom part of the frame (the toe-plate) and the wheels can be folded away when the hand truck is not in use. Typically, the whole assembly folds completely flat, and then folds back out quickly when the truck is in use.Portable and space-saving: Retractable wheels and fold-up toe plate support folding for easy carry and storage.
al of small items, then a folding hand truck may be the ideal choice. If you provide your delivery drivers with a folding hand truck, then they can make the decision whether a specific item they are required to deliver is too heavy or bulky to transport by hand. As the hand truck folds up, it can be carried within their van or truck without taking up too much valuable space.
Note that a folding hand truck is not suitable for your business if you are required to transport heavy items. There are a number of different types of folding hand-trucks, but most of them recommend that you only place a load of up to 100 lbs. onto the toe plate. If you need to transport heavier items, then it’s better to invest in a solid hand truck, or a dolly.
Folding hand truck is divided into aluminum Folding hand truck and steel Folding hand truck, aluminum Folding hand truck, light weight, easy to carry, beautiful, if you often need to move items under 300LB, aluminum folding trolley is the best choice for you. If you often need to move heavy items over 300LB and carry them over long distances, you can choose heavy duty steel folding trolleys, or L-shaped trolleys.

Stair climbing folding hand truck

Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Moving Dolly Hand Truck Warehouse Appliance Cart

The newer stair climbing folding hand trucks make it easier to get items up and down the steps, stair climbing folding hand trucks have 3 wheels on each side for a total of 6 wheels, this design makes it easy to climb the steps alternately.For items less than 80 LB, you can choose an aluminum folding stair climbing trolley, for items greater than 80 LB, you can choose a steel folding stair climbing trolley, and for heavier items, even items greater than 300 LB, you can choose an electric stair climbing trolley!

Electric stair climbing hand truck

Stair Climbing Folding Hand Trolley

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