Hand truck manufacturing process

Jinghao Tools is a professional hand truck manufacturers of heavy duty hand trucks, aluminum folding hand trucks, steel folding hand trucks, multi-functional hand trucks, stair climbing hand trucks, hand cart for groceries, platform trucks, Dolly.

Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Moving Dolly Hand Truck Warehouse Appliance Cart

We have been a major manufacturer of hand cart for stairs in China.

All the accessories are categorized by material into plastic, metal, wood.
Plastic accessories: wheels, handles, connecting poles and so on. The raw materials of plastic are prepared according to the recipe and produced by injection moulding machines loaded with matching moulds.

Metal fittings can be divided into steel and aluminum.
The process of aluminum fittings is: through the cutting and perforation of aluminum raw materials after finishing the metal surface treatment, the main process is oxidation treatment. The aluminum scraper plate is formed by pressing the aluminum ingot directly through the punch press.
Steel fittings are processed by cutting, perforating, bending and welding the steel raw material, followed by metal surface treatment, mainly by phosphating, painting or electrophoresis and electroplating.
Wooden components are processed by cutting and sanding PLY or MDF boards.
Wood Home Mover Platforms
After all the parts are produced, the finished products are assembled and packed for delivery after quality inspection.