platfrom truck

Platform Truck Production Process

Jinghao tools is a supplier of hand trucks to more than 2000 customers worldwide, with steel platform trucks being a hot seller.

Usually, the factory will customize a steel belt with a width corresponding to the product. This steel belt is usually a cylindrical shape from the factory and is wound around the steel belt.

The first step of production is to send the steel belt to the punching machine, and under the action of gravity, the steel belt will press the flat plate of the platform trucks that is shaped like a mold. Each platform truck is formed by combining two stamped steel plates.

The stamped out plates are then sent for assembly, with each two pieces merging into one flatbed for a platform truck.

The assembled plate will be painted in the customer’s desired color.

After waiting for the paint to dry, the plate will be fitted with an anti-bumping edge strip and a non-slip surface mat.

The next step in the production of a flatbed truck is the installation of the handles, which are pre-produced on another production line and await assembly.