Three different kinds of China hand trucks

First, platform truck These platform trucks are designed to hold 330 pounds or 660 pounds each, and you can choose them as needed. They will only take up 28.7*18.5*9.0 inches when folded. They have two universal wheels that make it easy to turn the direction. You can use it to move heavier items on flat […]

Platform Truck Production Process

Jinghao tools is a supplier of hand trucks to more than 2000 customers worldwide, with steel platform trucks being a hot seller. Usually, the factory will customize a steel belt with a width corresponding to the product. This steel belt is usually a cylindrical shape from the factory and is wound around the steel belt. […]

Hand truck manufacturing process

Jinghao Tools is a professional hand truck manufacturers of heavy duty hand trucks, aluminum folding hand trucks, steel folding hand trucks, multi-functional hand trucks, stair climbing hand trucks, hand cart for groceries, platform trucks, Dolly. We have been a major manufacturer of hand cart for stairs in China. All the accessories are categorized by material […]

Is a hand truck the same as a dolly?

A hand truck is different from a DOLLY in the following main ways. 1、hand truck has handles, whether it is a folding hand truck, platform hand truck, steel hand truck, aluminum hand truck, plastic hand truck, multi-purpose hand truck, warehouse trolley, no doubt, they all have handles that can be used to push or pull. […]

What is the Difference Between Folding hand truck, a Hand Truck and a Dolly?

Hand trucks, dollies, and related equipment save time and labor so you don’t spend hours carrying individual boxes and oversized items from one location to another. Knowing the Dolly, Hand Truck, and a Folding Hand Truck can help you make an informed decision about which type of warehouse equipment will work best for your particular needs. […]

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